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Sydney Safe-Seeker

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Sydney Safe-Seeker and the Incredible Journey Home


Sydney Safe-Seeker and the Incredible Journey Home is a suite of products focused on “Street Proofing”. It is comprised of an entertaining CD-ROM game to teach child safety; parent and educator assessment tools that track the child’s safety knowledge; and a wealth of support materials and activity sheets for parents, educators, police, and other child safety professionals.


The value of this initiative is twofold: first, it teaches young children to incorporate street proofing into their daily lives, giving them an essential skill, which will protect them and the children they play with and second, it provides all of the community stakeholders around the child with the best safety practices to convey to children as well as materials and supplementary resources to help these caregivers and safety professionals convey these messages.


The Game

Sydney Safe-Seeker and the Incredible Journey Home multimedia game provides an interactive exploratory environment where the children ages 5 - 10 are asked to make decisions based on game scenes that were developed to mirror real and sometimes dangerous situations.


The game is a role-playing adventure style game with numerous interactions that lead up to a potentially unsafe situation. The player is presented with an audio/visual decision prompt for each potentially unsafe situation that must be answered to continue the game. Based on the player’s selected answer, the game branches to one of two outcomes showing either a safe or potentially unsafe situation (no violence will be shown). Animation and audio will be used to provide more detailed feedback, and animation branches provide educational outcome knowledge.


Sydney Safe-Seeker enhances a child’s confidence and self-esteem by teaching them safe behaviors when they encounter a potentially threatening situation by:


   Using interactive role-play scenarios

   Using animated situations that are potentially dangerous

   Teaching awareness and assertiveness skills

   Using non-threatening, non-violent situations

   Establishing life long skills through safe role playing


Educator’s/Parent’s Application

Educator and Parent applications identify particular situations where a child responds unsafely and then coaches them on how to handle the “teachable moment” without raising the anxiety of the child. These applications contain:



   Record keeping to analyze responses

   Coaching strategies to help children improve street proofing skills

   Additional support materials and information

   Lesson plans

   Activity sheets


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